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Jackie’s New Blog-Divorced Girl Smiling February 11, 2013



Hi Friends!

I wanted to post this to let you know that I will no longer be blogging at this address, but instead on my new blog: Divorced Girl Smiling, (www.divorcedgirlsmiling.com)

Divorced Girl Smiling is a blog dedicated to helping men and women face divorce with hope, inspiration and a few laughs.

My blog entries or writing style won’t be very different from this blog, but I’ll be focusing more on divorce issues and dating for older people.

I truly hope to help people who are either divorced, thinking of getting a divorced or going through divorce by offering some helpful  information, and of course, much needed humor, because if you can’t laugh, then you’re really in trouble!

Divorced Girl Smiling: Whatever Happens, Don’t Ever Lose Your Smile!

Please feel free to visit me at the new site!


Jackie Pilossoph


The Four Minute Love Affair July 12, 2010

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Originally posted 5-1-10

Everywhere I go, I feel like I see love stories going on all the time.  I come across couples who are together for fifty some years and then I see a man and a woman kissing and it’s obvious they’ve known each other for like three days!

I have a great love story for you.  I’m calling it, "The four minute love affair" and it happened to me one time, years ago. 

I was going through security at an airport, on my way home from a very tiring work trip.  I put my bags and shoes on the belt and then saw a really really cute TSA guy.  I literally took a double take, because I’d never seen an attractive TSA guy (no offense to anyone, but when I’m getting ready to fly somewhere, I’m not usually scoping out the TSA people.)  Anyhow, he noticed me noticing him, and we smiled at each other.  I then walked through the detector. 

The co-worker I was traveling with was having trouble getting through security, so I stood there waiting for her, trying not to stare at the hottie, who was just trying to do his job without the major cougar undressing him with her eyes.

"Is everything okay?" he finally asked me.

"Yes, I’m just waiting for my friend.  She’s still trying to get through."


I then shocked both him and myself by adding, "But I’m really enjoying myself just standing here with you."

The guy gave me a huge grin and said, "Likewise."

We pretty much gazed into each others eyes until my co-worker came up from behind me and said, "Ready?  Why are you just standing here?"

With a wave and a sad smile, I walked away.  And as he stood there smiling back, I realized I’d just had a four minute love affair.  No dates, no conversation, no sex.  Not even a kiss.  Just four minutes of a smile and a strange but wonderful connection that made him mean more to me than half the guys I’ve dated in my life.